Beginner Boxing

Do you want to get in shape or try a new sport? At Bergen Boxing Klubb you'll find a good learning environment and great coaches. First class is free. Sign up here!

Bli med oss..

Bli med oss..

We are Located within Aktiv 365, Paradis. 

Who Is It For?

If you want to get in shape, try the sport of boxing for your fitness or to become the next champion? At Bergen sør Bokseklubb you'll find a positive learning environment, along with great members to train with, you have coaches who push you to reach your goals.

Our beginner group training is for everyone from 15 to 115 with little or no experience with boxing. We have a good mix of people, with a mixed age group. You're never to old to start. This group runs throughout the year. 

Beginner Boxing

Get Fit and Don't get Hit.

Time to start planning for our New Beginners from Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th August kl 17.00.

All round body fitness, improving co-ordination and stimulating the mind.

Check out the Boxing Utstyr Page for some great offers. 

The workshops are free to try. You will be given price and costs when you register for the workshops.

Its a great training program set with fun tasks to create constant development. You do need to buy Boxing equipment, please look at our Boxing Utstyr page.

 Sign up and get involved.

What Do You Do?

In the beginner sessions we'll get you started with the basics of boxing. You'll learn how to stand, how to move,  how to use your hands for defence, head and body movement, and basic punches and punch combinations on hand pads. We'll work on building your strength and stamina. The beginner group runs throughout the year. In the first 8 weeks of joining you will see massive changes in your fitness level and in your body's appearance. After 8 weeks you will probably want to start moving up in group levels. Get Fit and Don't get Hit.

Changing life styles will give massive changes, so eating a good healthy nutritional plan will help you.   

There is no sparring in beginner sessions.