Home Show 11 April 2015

Hello Bergen Boxing fans and boxing fans in General.

Here is a small write up about are recent home show we hosted at Stemmemyren hall here in Bergen on 11th april 2015..

This was our second show in succesive years and both shows have been a success..

We have 4 sparring matches to start the show. These are for beginners to the ring infront of an audiance and helps the boxer get used to the enviroment of boxing at a show without the pressure of winning or worse Loosing, which people tend to stress so much about it can actually stop them ever competing, sad as that sounds..

then we had a great diplom bout to start of competition with 2 11 year old boys.. They were both brillaint infront of the crown, awesome. Again a diplom bout there is a winner, looser here but its no power, its all about skills and you are scored upon , footwork, defence and combination work.

After we had 7 real bouts 2 junior class and 5 senior class 3 rounds x 3 minutes..Great competitin here with some great matches made..

boxers competining from Heiane BK, Stord BK, Viking BK, Aurland BK, Sorta BK, Bragd BK, Sparta BK and Bergen Boxing Klubb..

Below is the fight bill

Sparring bouts first

Ihlayyel Mekdad          v     Jan Hølleland  ( 13 år )   45 kg
  ( Bragd BK )                                                               (Bergen Sparta BK )
Tobias Yrvin            v      Trym Nordvoll     (16år) 81kg 
 ( Bergen Sparta BK)                                                ( Sotra BK )
Omar Balic 15 år                     v       Elias Langeland (15år)    64 kg
      ( Bragd BK)                                                             (Aurland BK )
Sigurd Utvær                             V       Benito Mutuamba          75 kg
 ( B.A.K )                                                                           ( Sotra BK)
                           Diplom match   3x 1.5 mins rounds
Jakob H. Einarsen   11år       v    Oskar  Stighen   (11år)     46 kg
( Bragd BK )                                                                               ( Aurland BK)
         Ordinary Bouts  3 x 2 Mins Rounds
Chiara Pecorari            v       Cecilie Aga              60 kg  ( pts win )
(Bergen Sparta BK)                                                                 ( Heiane BK)
Jonathan Fernandez        v     Håkon Koch           63 kg  (pts win )
 (Bragd BK )                                                                               ( Sotra BK )
Yusuf Abid        ( pts win)          v      Patrick Folgerø vs   67 kg
( Viking BK )                                                                       ( stord BK )
                                  15 mins break
Ruslan sjidkaev   ( Pts win )         v      Mathias Knutsen         69 kg
         ( Viking BK )                                                                                ( Sotra BK )
Andre  Skauen       ( Pts win )            v      Mario Midje Baltov       78kg 
   ( Bergen Sparta BK )                                                                (Aurland BK )
Adam Mekdad     ( Pts win )       v     Jan Remy Olsen           75 kg 
( Bragd BK)                                                                                    ( Sotra BK)
Robert Moberg   ( 2nd rd tko win )            v    Adrian Sæther           + 91kg 
(Bergen Boxing Klubb)                                                           ( Heiane BK )

Thank you to every body that came on the day and supoort the show the boxers and Myself.. You are all making boxing better here in Norway :)

Next show 24 Oktober 


Bergen Boxing Stevne 5.

This Next Stevne Presented By Bergenboxing.com..

Bergen Boxing Stevne 5 is now in the making. We hold this event within the Golden Circle at the New SCANDIC FLESLAND AIRPORT (Gangavstand fra nye terminalbygget til Bergen Lufthavn), Lønningsvegn 9, 5258 Blommsterdalen. . Doors will open at kl 15.30, first match kl 16.00.

Std Tickets 200kr

4000kr Tables of 8 People including pre ordered food.

3200kr for tables of 6 People including pre-ordered food. Menu's are below.

Tickets are now on sale.

Bank Kontor 36333871070 .. Leave your name and Contact us afterwards to collect you tickets.

MENY Kjøtt


Okse mørbrad med sellerikrem, sopp, spinat, timian sjy, urtestekte amandine poteter


Bringebærmousse på sjokoladebunn, bringebærgelè og bringebærsorbet



Ovnsbakt Torsk med Glaserte rotfrukter , bacon & kapers smør, potet pure


Creme Brulèe med bær og sorbet

Starring boxers on the show from our own Bergen Sør Bokseklubb, located at Aktiv 365 in Paradis. Bergen Sparta. Sorta Bokseklubb. Grumpy Boys from Stavanger, Voss Bokseklubb and others... 

Contact us at Bergenboxing@gmail.com call 48256145.

Come and support your friends, Favourite boxers. If you have been supporting us over the last few years, then you have seen the development of Robert Moberg, Donatas Bacinskis, Jan Remy Olsen, the Bergen Sparta guys and More..


Bergen Boxing Stevne 5

Bergen Boxing Stevne 5