Boxing Workshop for Beginners | Bergen Boxing

Try a new sport - come and join one of our weekend boxing workshops! During a couple of hours you'll learn the basics of boxing and hopefully want to join one of our regular classes.

Free Intro Sessions

We are located to Aktiv365 in Paradis. 400 meters walk from the Paradis Bybane stop. These workshops are free to try out its ideal for Complete beginners.

These Introduction workshops are free. Prices will be given when you register for the workshops. You will be offered a Starter Kit Package deal in these workshops. You can look at our Boxing Equipment page for ideas. Ordering online is possible or Vipps payments.  

Send us a email to arrange this ..

Workshops is for everyone from 15 to 85 with little or no experience with boxing. We have a good mix of people, with mixed ages within the group. You are never too old to start.

2019 be in the best shape of you life… 

Next Introduction workshops are in late August 2019.

Its Time to start planning for the summer body..

Join our beginners sessions register today and attend.

Get Fit and Don't get Hit.

Register today for our Beginners group..... The goal in this group is to get you into good physical form and teaching you good basic boxing skills, building up a good foundation.  With the continued training and practice, you will advance your fitness and Boxing skills. We like using fun ways to teach boxing, along with some tough workouts and you will develop both in this group. Everybody is welcome to Join us if either for fitness or Because you have a plan to become a future Champion Boxer.  You should register 'TODAY' and change you life forever. 2019 is to get fit for life..  

You can be 10 minutes late, better late, than not to come..

Its a great training program set with fun tasks to create constant development. You do need to buy Boxing equipment, please look at our Boxing Utstyr page.