About Us

The Coaches

Our coaches love the sport of Boxing and coaching people of all levels.


 Lee Harris, Head Coach

  • From Leicester, England
  • Over 26 years experience as a boxing coach
  • Europe's first official crossfit striking coach

   A Certified NBF Boxing Coach and NBF Judge ..



Credit: etphotography.eu

Credit: etphotography.eu

     Coach, Robert Moberg

A Certified coach with the NBF and a NBF judge.



The Club

For Training, we are Located within Aktiv 365 Paradis, Bergen.


Our goals are to get more people interested in boxing and develop the club as well as have great boxers - both amateur and professional. We're also here for people who just want to train to get in shape or be a part of a great community!

Has the Coach I can only recommend it to you. If your not sure. Come down and try a free session. Just contact me Lee Harris via Bergenboxing@gmail.com or mob 48256145..
I don't believe You will be disappointed. The extra Bonus is we hold Great boxing events 3 or 4 times a year.. We offer everything you want from training Boxing.