Sparring Group

Sparring at all levels, it should not be all power, skills are what we are looking to develop...Bergen, Norway. Learn better technique and improve your stamina and endurance! Read more here.

From Practice You could do this. Be The best you can be.

Who Is It For?

This is for all our members that our registered with the N.I.F system under our club or another club.

This session is for anybody that wishes to try out their boxing skills. With a little or no experience in sparring and high level. Training a sport , Playing in a sport or competing in are sport are different things. Here we must learn to have control of emotions, Getting angry will not help you learn. So control and respect for everybody  is Required. You can just join up for this group training, but you do need to be a paying a membership subscription.


Sparring Sessions.

Sparring is here for everybody, Ideally we are looking for people that want to get into competition. This takes time so the sooner you start the better it is for you. We have a good Stable of experience in our sparring group.

The level is high and we know when to go hard and when to play and go light. Learning to go light comes with experience. Many people believe sparring is a fight, Believe me its not. Not until you get to that level. the toughest thing is to come and be in control of your emotions. We spar with ‘RESPECT’.

Don't just train it, play it Compete in it. This group is for everybody training within the club and other clubs. Sparring for all levels, so you could be a Registered Boxer, a mature boxer that cannot compete anymore or a Beginner. You learn the skills of a boxer, the movements of the sweet science, hit, don't get hit.. ... Its all good fun. 

Just Do It.

What Do You Do?

Boxing sparring, learning to spar. Its mostly light and play in this session, building up confidence and experience, But you do need the correct equipment for sparring, Go to our Boxing Utstyr page for good offers on equipment and P.T sessions.

Gloves ..Females 12 oz .. Males 14oz or 16 oz.

Headguards, Mouth Guards, Hand wraps, Groin Guards, ideally chest protection for the Ladies, No head Guard, No Head contact.