Intermediate Boxing

Intermediate boxing classes are for everybody form 15år til 115år,  Bergen, Norway. Learn better technique and improve your stamina and endurance! Read more here.

Get Fit and Don't get Hit.


Check out our Boxing Utstyr Page for some great offers on Equipment and P.T sessions.

Intermediate Boxing

Its the next level in Skills at fitness..

Here we work on getting you really fit. Get Fit and Don't get Hit....

All round body fitness, improving co-ordination and stimulating the mind.

There is No sparring in this session, the group is mixed with people from all backgrounds that enjoy using boxing to get fit and keep healthy. This group is ran with Good fun and are Positive vibe fitness sessions. High .Intensity. Training is the correct description of Boxing Training.

The intermediate Boxing group you will give you good techniques and a high intensity workout. Putting focus on Movement, explosive speed, power and endurance.

Do you want to achieve better performance in another sport that you compete in ?  Joining this boxing club for cross training reasons, will help you to achieve a higher level in other sports. Boxing is a good way to Cross train. This can also be achieved with P.T sessions, you can book them at our club shop or via email address to Lee Harris our head coach .  

Who Is It For?

This is the next level up in development from the Beginner Boxing. There is no sparring here, but we do take part in partner work and movement. People coming back into the sport with experience in boxing or other martial arts, will also enjoy this group.  High. Intensity. Training is the correct description of Boxing Training.

What Do You Do?

You will learn more advanced Boxing, footwork and head movement, in-depth combinations. Pad work and partner work are all part of this class. We will keep you working on improving your reflexes and overall fitness.  If you want to be a competitive Boxer you can step up into the competitive training sessions. Sparring on Saturdays is for every one with the correct equipment and mind set.

Combined with a good nutritional diet, you'll soon see that 6-pack!

For this class it's good to have a pair of boxing shoes, hand wraps, 12 oz or 14 oz Gloves and a skipping rope.


Intermediate Boxing is run by Our Experienced Coaching Team.