Junior Boxing

Boxing classes for kids with with experienced boxing trainers. Builds strength and coordination skills in a fun and safe environment. This group is for 9år til 14 år only.

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2019 Bli med oss...

9år to 14år

2019 is approaching and maybe its time you should allow you child to try boxing with us.

We are starting back in 2019

On 8 Januar at kl 16.00.

The cost for this Group training from Jan/Feb to 20 Juni training 1,2 or 3 times a week is 950,-

Let you kids learn the sport of boxing in a safe and Healthy environment.

The development of the Junior group is building up and the kids in the group are really working well together. Its a very good group. We do have a goal for this group, as a boxing (sports) club, competition and success is what we are aiming to achieve.

Students are required to buy gloves and a skipping rope for training. You can buy this equipment on our Boxing Utstyr page and collect and training.

Training times are Tuesdays and Thursdays kl 16.00. Sparring for members Saturdays kl 13.00

The kids do need Hand wraps, a skipping rope and Boxing gloves.. For the optional Saturday sparring they need to have a head guard and tooth protection. No Head Guard No Sparring.

We are Located within Aktiv 365 in Paradis, Bergen..


What Do You Do?

We think boxing for kids should be  fun, as well as tough. In a class we do pad work, co-ordination and strength exercises, partner work and we build up with some, first PLAY sparring and develop each child individually depending on the wishes of parents. Our goal is to get kids interested in the sport of boxing and the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. We are dedicated to developing young students as persons, to prepare them for the many challenges in life that await them. See thew links below...

Follow this link and  read about diplom boxing .. http://boksing.no/2016/04/oppstart-av-adidas-diplomserie-vest-2016-2017/


Coaches for this group are Trine Nilsen, Robert Moberg and Lee Harris with Junior Coach Erlend all coaches are Certiified with the Norges BokseForbund.