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Personal training is the ideal way to accelerate your training. Book a personal lesson at a time that suits you, and work with your trainer to reach your goals! Be with a coach that gives you 100%


A P.T session is designed for you, aimed solely towards your requirements, to get you to be the best you can be.  You need to book a P.T session in advance, you can message here we are available on request and reply quickly. 

If you a competitive boxer I can work more with you and the requirements for you to win more fights.

P.T Session

You can do it, you just haven't found the right method, Yet. Get Fighting Fit with myself 'Lee Harris' a Fully qualified Boxing, with more than 30 years experience in the sport of boxing. If its Competition you are getting ready for, wanting to lose weight, maybe you want to be more Athletic, or improve your knowledge skills within the sport.

You can also book a P.T session with Trine Nilsen and Robert Moberg. Both These Coaches can teach you in Norwegian and both are Qualified Coaches, with Good competition experience.

You can book P.T sessions through the boxing Utstyr page or contact us via email or telephone and book Personalised training to suit your times and requirements. Prices vary due to time and requirements.


Who Is It For?

Personal training is for everybody, its an the great way to accelerate your progression, master the techniques and reach your goals.  Personal Training can be booked for helpful if your seeking weight loss, to get a stronger body and off coarse we specialize in improving and boxing skills.

''Its fun when you think outside of the box.''..

What Do You Do?

'Personal training' is what it says, aimed solely at you, concentrating on your goals and your needs. We will discuss this together on your first appointment,  we will advise and create a training program to suit your needs. You can be as specific or general as you like, the program can be updated at any time to accommodate you and your needs.

Just Do It.