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Personal Training.

P.T pics.jpg
P.T pics.jpg

Personal Training.

from 500.00

Get ready for the new year and make it your year..

Book a P.T Session from 500,- kr

Do You want to change the way you train ? Lots of people have never tried boxing Because they think that they will be fighting with somebody on the first day, This will NOT be the case if you are training with us..

A Boxing P.T session is like a P.T session should be, Personalized to your requirements. Weather you're just starting out, Coming back from injury, looking to build your confidence, Maybe you want to enhance your conditioning for another sport you take part in. Many professional sports people train boxing for the latter reason..

You can buy for a friend or loved one.. These Vouchers are a nice gift for A loved one or Friend, who is training boxing or wishes to start training boxing. 

It makes a great gift for a loved one that wants to do something new and Motivated for 2019..

Time of completion on booking 5 or 10 P.T sessions.. 5 P.T’s completed within 6 weeks. 10 P.T sessions are to be Completed within 10 weeks.

Check out the P.T link for more information.

Send Lee Harris a email, if you have any questions :)

P.T sessions:
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